Wednesday, 25 February 2009


We have decided that narration will be essential in the film... Maybe a very old male voice... wise... or a very young and naive voice.. we need to try out and see how it goes...
Here is the first draft I wrote, that need to be improved a lot... I know it can get much much better....

"There was a time when the Universe was still very young… and an important star was formed… a star that can be seen and honoured by all living things.
(Title sequence)
The Sun and the Moon were often together and from their Union, they gave the Universe a Gift. A Being that would unfold the most well-know history… the one of creation!
For some… it was destiny, it was already written. For others it was scientifically explained as a combination of small particles of dust…. Neither changes anything…
By waking up to this world the star calmly starts to change its color and form, while a blue light start to emanate from within, so to transform it self in liquid… water floating in the emptiness of the space. Flying through it and diving in and out the water, fishes start to swim in a dance of magic.
Raising arms upwards the star join the hands and bring it closely to the eyes. The light emanates from it, spinning and reflecting in the water. Slowly the star opens the hands… and we see a man, a human being. Creation and creator exchange one look… before it gently drops him in the water.
The man enjoyed the water shortly before tiring out… it was never its perfect habitat. So land is created… and trees and flowers start to grow everywhere.
The man is happy being on firm ground and is fascinated with the flying living creatures of this realm.
A big light comes from the beach, and when it dissipates the man falls in love with what he sees. A female. The female was concealed in this world, for every single creature that now inhabit the space.
After this glorious time the creatures start to multiply faster and overpopulate the world.
The Star flies to the Father Sun and the Mother Moon and tell them what happened…
They know what must be done and start to spin around this world, creating the day and the night. And now the creatures start to get older… When it come to the right time, they become a star and go back to the sky, the place they originally came from.
This is the story of a star that shines the most in the sky… the start that is always looking towards us; the only star that will always be found at the same place. Travellers, looking up at Her, can always find their way. Because this Star is in the true north all the time, The Star is now called, the North Star."

"A lua é nossa Mãe, O Sol é nosso Pai
E Nós somos as Estrelas, só nos resta agradecer"
(quote from Francisco Corrente)

"The Moon is our Mother, The Sun is our Father
And We Are the Stars, we can only be thankful."

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